About Us

What is EM Studio?

EM Studio is an arts, wellness, education and virtual community oasis.

It is a place to engage in practical discourse, learn an art form, enjoy yourself, replenish, enrich your spirit and bring wellness into your everyday life.






How did it come about?




In 2004 Emory M Moore Jr. opened Embora movement and wellness studio in Brooklyn, NY. It quickly became a hub and home for artists and community. Sadly after 5 years we had to close our doors, but the magic lived on. Two years later EM Arts, the arts education and wellness company was born. 



Many of the artists that called Embora home joined us to bring exceptional art and wellness programming to educational institutions in NYC. EM Arts has facilitated countless classes in music, dance, visual arts, martial arts, storytelling, magic and more, supporting educators through ongoing professional development. EM Arts works with the Dept of Health and has a Multi-Task award contract from the Dept of Education to provide wellness instruction and coaching for educators in the 5 boroughs. EM Arts is also MWBE certified!




Our belief is that wellness and the arts are inextricably intertwined. A fundamental necessity for the development and maintenance of the WHOLE being. EM Studio is an online portal that allows us to connect meaningfully in our ongoing mission to bring wellness and art to all. We endeavor to provide excellence in instruction, joy and meaningful experiences. Our mission is to foster and catalyze holistic human development.




Enjoy the journey.